Bryzos is your Place for All Things Steel

Bryzos Steel Marketplace has been making big strides over the past couple months. Bryzos is an online marketplace for all things steel. Ranging from steel pipes, tube, fittings, or coil, Bryzos has you covered. Bryzos was started years back by steel industry veterans who felt the need to change the way steel was being exchanged. Bryzos started out as a small company with years of sales and operational experience but has transformed into an online environment. Bryzos objective is to facilitate sales between buyers and sellers of steel in order to capture value for both of the consumers. Bryzos will change the market by putting buyers and sellers in direct contact with each other.

Bryzos main way to facilitate the buyers and sellers is through the Bid Blaster. The Bid Blaster is a platform that offers its buyers options. You type what you need and create a Bill of Material (BOM). The blaster is an online negotiating system in which you request what you are looking for and the sellers will contact you with a quote. The buyer is able to weigh the options from multiple sellers and either accept, reject, or counter to the seller. For example, a seller can ask for $20 but the buyer can then counter for $15. Bryzos is the perfect real-time negotiating system to get the steel that will best fit your needs such as stainless, carbon or galvanized pipe. Steel is a commodity and it doesn’t matter who the seller is and you can get direct payday lenders no credit check for the customer who needs the steel pipes in a large quantity. Bryzos is looking to facilitate between the buyer and seller to capture value for both. Bryzos is here to help get the consumer the best option for steel possible. For more information check out

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