Top 5 Things to Try with Custom Printed Coasters

5 Custom Printed Coaster Ideas

The personalized and customized gift craze is still alive and well.  Just look at online stores like Uncommon Goods and Mark and Graham.  Both online retailers sell almost exclusively monogrammed or personalized gifts and though you might think the custom gift trend is dying, the success of those two online stores would indicate otherwise.  From flasks to dog beds to custom coffee sleeves, people love customizing things.  Moreso, research, and trends in the next generation of consumers (millennials) would indicate that custom gifts and items aren’t going any place anytime soon.  We’re taking a look at the top 5 ideas for custom printed coasters.


This idea is less for the consumer and more for the business owner.  To succeed in today’s climate, businesses including hotels and restaurants not only have to provide quality services and products but also need to do so through memorable and attractive branding.  Younger consumers are attracted to unique branding.  When considering branding, businesses should consider how shareable their brand is.  Young people (millennials), love to share stuff on social media.  Taking advantage of branding and unique promotional methods can increase shareability and therefore increase a brand’s memorability. Check this link family strokes stepsis mistakes stepbro for boyfriend

Restaurants can take advantage of custom printed coasters
Restaurants can take advantage of custom printed coasters

One practical and appealing use of custom printed coasters for restaurants is printing weekly or monthly specials on coasters.  Some customers will avoid the “specials” menu.  By printing specials and promotional items on coasters, customers will be forced to at least glance down at the menu.  By subliminally pushing specials on a coaster, you’ll be more likely to sell specials and promotional items.  Additionally, including coupons and promos on coasters, customers will be encouraged to order more items.

Additionally, it’s important to prominently display one’s brand throughout the restaurant. Coasters provide a promotion and marketing method that’s inexpensive and can be changed regularly depending on customer feedback.

Weddings, Events

Through variable and short run custom coaster printing, it’s now affordable to produce coasters for events like weddings and parties.  Coasters can be customized to include the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.  Initials, favorite quotes, or images of love can also be included on the coasters.  Thanks to variable printing, both families can even get their own personal coasters unique to their family.

Weddings are a great time to use custom coasters
Weddings are a great time to use custom coasters

At other events, coasters are a fantastic way to celebrate and remember a fun event.  Bachelorette parties, birthdays, and baby showers are also a great time to bust out your own custom coasters.

Taste Testings

Taste testings are a unique way in which custom printed coasters can be used.  If taste testers are tasting a variety of beverages, coasters can be used to display notes about a wine or beer.  The brand of beer or the vineyard from which the wine originates can also be displayed on the coaster.  If taste testers are voting on what they enjoyed most, the coasters can be used as ballots during voting.


The average consumer probably uses coasters, for this reason, the most.  Though coasters serve a practical reason, protecting furniture from drink rings, they’ve also been known to make great decorations.  With variable printing, you no longer have to settle on one design. When ordering coasters, feel free to include multiple designs that fit your decor.  Here are a few ways you can design coasters;

  • Initials
  • Quotes
  • Humor
  • Pictures and Illustrations
  • Wi-Fi Passwords


What better way to remember an event than to give your guests coasters remembering or celebrating the occasion.  Take a wedding, coasters can be a great memento for your guests to take home.  Not only will they have received a paydayloanfee. a thoughtful gift but your guests will always remember the day.


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